The definition of insanity

October 01, 2013

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What's that saying? The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. So you're back into school, work, alarm clocks and schedules. Maybe you're feeling rushed. Obligations tugging at your sleeve. Has the comfort of a little routine turned into monotony, or worse, exhaustion?

When you're getting swept up in too much 'Urgent but Unimportant' (thank you, Stephen Covey and Martha Beck for this poignant recap and time management exercise), stomp the brake hard with both feet. This is not your destiny. You are the wise arbiter of what takes priority in your life. In other words, slow down and make a right turn to something 'Important but not Urgent.'

Maybe a weekend getaway - with or without the kids - is the change of scenery, perspective and pace you need to feed your body and soul (Wise Chips aren't bad either, LOL). This may seem counterintuitive when you're busy, but sometimes it's the best way to rediscover meaning in your life.

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According to American Express Spending & Saving Tracker 'By the fall, people usually have eight unused vacation days and 34% will lose them at year's end.' We are all in favor of using rather than losing, but regardless of how much time you have, here are a few resources: if you have a few days or a weekend or
if you don't, but need to feel like you do.

Other ideas? Consider visiting friends or extended family, Google your or any city's Chamber of Commerce or community paper, or enter your city of choice at and read reviews for attractions, lodging options and restaurants.

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And if planning a getaway seems like too much work? Think about what would refresh you and your family most. Who cares how it sounds to someone else. A day at an amusement park? Not answering the phone for an entire weekend? Camping in your backyard? Banning TV for the weekend, sleeping in or spending time with the people who really do feed your body and soul.

Do it now before it becomes 'Urgent and Important' (that sounds serious, doesn't it?). We're taking our own advice, will you?

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