Stop Copying Me

August 02, 2013

stealing ideas

It used to be a bad thing to copy someone. Copy on a test, you're a cheater. Mock everything I say and do, I'm telling mom. Buy the same prom dress, don't go there. Copying was akin to stealing and everyone knows stealing is bad.

But we're not talking about plagiarism, taking what doesn't belong to you or taking credit for someone else's ideas (that really is stealing). No, we're dealing in the kind of good-natured copying or gathering of ideas that leads to faster weeknight recipes, better ways to stay organized, handmade gifts the kids can make or a new take on Halloween decorations. We'd go so far as to call that sharing. And everyone knows sharing is good.


We share because we care, because it says something about who we are and what we believe in, and it's a way to build relationships. Famous people share their Good Things, a 2013 Wow List and all of life's positives. And regular people from all over the world share their ideas on Pinterest, 70 million and counting.

And we're next! Yep, we're giving it a go on Pinterest. It's true. We've jumped head first into the world of Pinterest and we're proud newbies. We're pinning and gathering and adding our two chips worth. Please join us as we grow and acquire our own Pinterest personality. We'd love it if you'd join us. And we won't tell mom.

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