May 6, 2015


family on a picnic Yes, we’re a snack foods company. And everyone here is working on making our snacks more delicious, our ingredients the best they can be, our bags attractive and worthy of your attention and bringing our chips to a supermarket near you. We’re experts at what’s happening in the industry and we work hard to stay in touch with people like you, the people who tell us what they want from their snacks. people at work There are real people behind this snack food company. People who try to be healthy, fit and happy. People who aren’t perfect but are pretty darn great just the same. We have different tastes and interests. We make lunches, commute, carpool, walk the dog, help with homework, see friends, want more time to relax and are usually exhausted at the end of each day. We come from different backgrounds and in all shapes and sizes. Many of us wonder – even worry-how we look on the beach, in the boardroom, bedroom or in a little black dress. And sometimes we’re hard on ourselves. So we asked ourselves: can we love our snacks and ourselves? And here’s what we came away with: images of snacks Snacks aren’t meant to be the only things we eat. But they are happy food for us and for so many people. They bring us together, they go well with fruits and veggies and other foods we love, they make picnics, pitch-ins and parties easier and maybe even more fun. We love them with movies. Our kids might have some in their lunches and to help them through homework. They show up for sports snack schedules, brainstorm sessions, baby showers and retirement parties, family reunions and going away parties. We’re still running after kids, cleaning like it’s cardio, doing 5ks, the Stairmaster, 20 trips up and down the stairs at work, a walk around the block with the dog, yoga and errands. We’ve paid attention to all different people’s questions and requests and have created gluten-free chips and low-fat, low-sodium and kosher, options. There are chips with no MSG or preservatives and all of our chips have 0g trans fat. But they’re not perfect. They’re not meant to be. They’re perfectly imperfect. They’re real. And we’re good with that. Because so are we.

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