October 17, 2013


courage On the desk of a friend, under the clear coaster saving her desk from all manner of coffee and water stains, is something else that saves her most every day. It’s a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that she credits as the ultimate constructive dare: “Do something every day that scares you.” That’s it. It saves her, she confesses, because most days it’s easier not to. We tell our kids not to be afraid of the dark, that there’s nothing they can’t do and that monsters are make believe. We brush off their fears while we cultivate and conceal our own. But what happens when we own up to one thing we’ve been scared to tackle, that we’ve been putting off or dreading and then we do it? public speaking Is it public speaking (polls – and Jerry Seinfeld – say people fear it more than death), telling someone how we feel, conquering our fear of flying, spiders or small spaces? Is it breaking a bad habit or starting a new one? For us? Trying new flavors and making new friends. Swallowing our pride and asking the IT guy to show us one more time. Keeping our dentist appointment and getting up in front of the room with confidence. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. And all that Halloween candy. Happy Halloween.


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