Long Overdue

April 15, 2013

earth day image

But in the spirit of Tax Day and upcoming Earth Day (Monday, April 22) we got to thinking about all the things we should do-we want to do-that we haven't. Things that are long overdue, like calling someone you've been meaning to call. Like cleaning that closet where something you weren't looking for inevitably falls out when searching for the thing you were. Like recycling or donating to someone less fortunate, going camping or giving your full attention to someone. Like making (and keeping) your twice-yearly dental appointment and taking the kids to the park for lunch. Like swinging so high and fast when you get there that you get butterflies in your stomach. And then maybe forgetting the list and worrying and just having friends over whom you haven't seen in forever. Make it a pitch-in or just appetizers and snacks if a full-blown meal for the group sends you over the edge. And forget about your house being perfect.

What's long overdue for you?

And what are you doing to change that? We're starting now.

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