September 7, 2015


10 Celebrity Faces We Want to Find on a Potato Chip According to Nielsen’s 2014 Global Snack Food Survey, consumers worldwide spent nearly $374 billion on snack foods between 2013 and 2014. North America and Europe topped the list with $124 billion and $164 billion, respectively. The survey polled consumers in 60 countries to determine which snacks people preferred. Nielsen’s survey states that North America prefers salty snacks. Salty snacks like potato chips. Nearly a quarter of all snack sales in North America are for salty snacks (reaching nearly $30 billion). There’s nothing quite like the crunchy, salty sensation of popping a potato chip in your mouth; that feeling is so satisfying that most people don’t even look at the chips. Well, as it turns out, you may want to pay closer attention to your chips because there’s a huge market for food that bear uncanny resemblances to famous people. It sounds absurd, but a decade ago a grilled cheese sandwich bearing the image of the Virgin Mary sold on Ebay for astaggering $28,000. The thing is, the phenomena of noticing famous things in food isn’t new. In 1987, Myrtle Young took her her collection of uniquely shaped potato chips (including a Rodney Dangerfield chip) on Johnny Carson. In today’s terms, it would be like if a Jimmy Fallon guest had a potato chip bearing the spitting image of Charlie Sheen on it. Actually, come to think of it, there are some celebrities with faces that would look great on a potato chip (with his square jaw and salty personality, Sheen’s an obvious chip-choice). 10 Celebrities to Be on the Look Out For: • Caitlyn Jenner Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner made headlines by coming out about her gender issues. Prior to this, Bruce Jenner’s notoriety was primarily known for his role as Kris Jenner’s husband (he was also an Olympic athlete and a television actor). While Caitlyn has won the hearts of her fans by selecting a first name that doesn’t begin with the letter ‘K’, it’s her contoured jawline and high cheekbone structure that make her perfect for potato chip stardom. • Lady Gaga Lady Gaga is one of the most famous singer / songwriters in the world. Widely appreciated for her creative brand of pop music, Lady Gaga is almost better known for the array of elaborate costumes she’s been spotted in. It is for this reason that Lady Gaga would make a great celebrity chip because chances are, she’ll be dressing up as a potato chip in a few years anyway…it might be a nice change of pace for potato chips to wear her first. • Justin Timberlake Justin Timberlake is one incredibly talented man; he crawled out of the wreckage of the boy-band era to reinvent himself as a stylish, suave performer. As a chip, Justin might need to be of the highly-coveted slightly burned variety to fully capture his facial scruff. However, he’d be a great potato chip because his Internet value would be enough to buy a new suit and tie. • Betty White Betty White has had one of the longest, most successful television careers in American history. Betty is best known because of her stint as Rose on The Golden Girls and her often-bawdy sense of humor. As a chip, 93 year-old, round-faced Betty would have to be a Ridgie. • Oprah Winfrey Like Betty White, Oprah’s greatness transcends generations. She’s a celebrity talk show host, an eponymous magazine and television network owner, an actress…you know, there’s nothing she can’t do including be a glorious potato chip. With her round face and infectious smile, an Oprah chip would be so totally unmistakable that you could easily sell it online and get a new car! • Benedict Cumberbatch You don’t need to be Sherlock to figure out why this electrifying actor, who has made virtually everything he’s been in better, would also make a perfect potato chip. Benedict’s perfectly elongated face practically screams potato chip while his distinctly shaped eyes and upper lip would make his chip instantly recognizable. • Will Ferrell Will Ferrell is arguably one of the most talented comedic actors in America, having started his public career on Saturday Night Live. Since his SNL days, Will has tickled America’s funny bone in dozens of film and television roles. With his mop of curly hair and ruddy-cheeked smile, a Will chip isn’t hard to envision. Admittedly, it would be much better if it were a Ron Burgundy look-a-like chip…now that one might fetch a few pennies on Ebay. • Amy Schumer Stand-up comedienne and Comedy Central late-night show star, Amy Schumer has taken the world by storm with her controversially honest and inarguably hilarious take on things. TheTrainwreck star is an ideal candidate for a chip look-alike because her oval-shaped blonde-framed face already resembles an unblemished potato chip. • Justin Bieber Love him or love to hate him, internationally-recognized musical celebrity Justin Bieber has a face that makes him a great candidate for being a celebrity chip. Justin also has really distinct features such as his dark, thick eyebrows and New Kids on the Block hairdo. Plus, those Beliebers would pay a small fortune to have anything JB related. • Kevin Hart Comedian, actor, writer, and producer Kevin Hart is as successful as he is hilarious. (In 2015,GQ called him one of the 15 funniest people alive.) Kevin’s animated expressions make him a great potato chip… collect all of his looks from shocked to laughing to serious and debonair. With a wide, strong jaw, Kevin could be a very versatile potato chip. When you do find a celebrity chip, commemorate the moment with a selfie (how else will people believe you met Oprah’s chip), and then don’t even think about it – just eat it. The immediate satisfaction of savoring a delicious, salty and crunchy potato chip far outweighs any other alternative activity involving potato chips, celebrity doppelgangers or not.

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