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driving miss daisy & her little friends

think like a cabbie

April 15, 2014

Everyone’s buckled and you have 23 minutes to get to dance class on the other side of town. It’s 5:37 and apparently everyone left work at the same time tonight. You left with snacks in tow, filled up your gas tank, picked up Eleanor and Lizzie, agreed that Eleanor’s mom would handle next week’s class and fielded questions from the backseat on the difference between ponies and unicorns, aside from the obvious horn.

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ditch the rut

What to do next, like now!

April 04, 2014

Staring back at you are four walls that cry boring and bare. This happens every year after you take down your holiday decorations…and it’s still winter. You trudge through. You try to enjoy your sweaters, knowing they’ll be packed away soon enough. But some days are harder than others. Is it spring yet?

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movies and memories

Shhhh, down in front

March 17, 2014

Movies make powerful memories partly because they make us feel understood. They make loneliness, love, embarrassment, disappointment, fear, sadness, joy and weirdness real, universal and okay. They give us words for our emotions and permission to feel them (or escape them), often in good company.

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the paperwork of parenting

not every paper has your name on it

February 18, 2014

It begins small when your kids start preschool. A sheet of paper comes home in their bag asking for snack donations or volunteers for the holiday party. It’s sweet, you’re green and you gladly play your part.

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Look At Me, Look At Me!

Why ME, ME, ME is making us miserable. And our RX

February 07, 2014

Remember the lengths you’d go to to get your mom’s attention? When you were doing a cartwheel, gave the dog a faux-hawk or just wanted to tear her away from her phone call? Most of us haven’t outgrown that need for attention or validation.

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