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How the Cheez Doodle was Born

November 24, 2015

Since their discovery in the 1930s, Cheez Doodles have made a place for themselves in the snack food industry and in Americans’ hearts (and stomachs). Throughout their evolution and ever-growing popularity, Cheez Doodles have always retained their original integrity (and recipe!).

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4 Snack-Saving Tips for Keeping Your Chips from Getting Crushed

November 11, 2015

Few things make pint-sized snack fans happier than opening up their school lunch and finding a yummy helping of potato chips, but when hungry kids discover a mountain of crushed chips where their mouthwatering morsels are supposed to be, things can get, well, messy. Conquer the case of the smashed snacks with these packed lunch hacks that will make your life a whole lot tastier.

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life after the kids table

November 10, 2015

Do you remember the exact year you graduated from the Kids Table? Were you surprised? Did you walk in to see a placecard occupying valuable real estate at the Big People Table? Sitting near your water goblet that wasn’t made of plastic.

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why we vote

November 03, 2015

We begin voting before we call it voting. Majority rules. Raise your hand if you agree. Even choosing teams is a way of voting or selecting your top picks.

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Your Life Measured in Cheez Doodles [Infographic]

October 27, 2015

Have you ever though to yourself about things like how many steps would it take to walk to work? Or how many steps it would take you to travel around the world? Well, Wise Snacks thinks like that, too.

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